Emily Skivington | 3 November 2023
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Welcome to the enchanting world of Camp Wilderness, a place where young adventurers embark on thrilling journeys and immerse themselves in the wonders of nature. Nestled deep within the wilderness, this camp is like no other.

The journey begins with the Explorer Camps, offering both 3-day and 5-day experiences. These camps serve as a gateway for budding explorers, introducing them to the basics of bushcraft and igniting their passion for the great outdoors. From building shelters and starting fires to identifying tracks and whittling tent pegs, these camps provide a solid foundation for the adventures that lie ahead.

As the young campers grow older and more experienced, they progress to the Advanced Explorer Camp. This 5-day expedition pushes their limits further, challenging them to navigate through dense forests, master advanced survival techniques, and test their newfound skills. Each passing year brings resilience, independence, and a deeper connection with the natural world.

For the adventurers among them, Camp Wilderness introduces the Thrill Seeker Camp. Located in the picturesque setting of Cuffley, this multi-activity camp offers a whirlwind of adrenaline-pumping adventures. From zip-lining through towering trees to conquering high ropes courses and tackling exhilarating team challenges, the campers discover the joy of pushing their boundaries and embracing the thrill of adventure.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there. The journey continues with the Snowdonia-based Mountain Adventure Camp, where campers venture into the majestic mountains. Guided by seasoned mountaineers, they learn the art of rock climbing, rappelling down cliffs, and navigating different terrains. With each summit conquered, they gain a profound sense of achievement and a new perspective on the vastness of nature.

Finally, for 2024, Camp Wilderness unveils the Sealyham-based Coastal Expert Camp, taking the campers on a coastal exploration like no other. Campers delve into the thrilling realm of coasteering – a unique blend of scrambling, swimming, and cliff jumping. Guided by experienced instructors, they explore rocky coastlines, navigating hidden caves and craggy cliffs. With each leap into the foaming sea and scramble along the rugged coastline, the campers embrace the raw energy of the ocean and their own courage.

At Camp Wilderness, the journey is never-ending. Each year, from the age of 8 to 16, campers return, building upon their previous experiences, skills, and activities. They grow in confidence, resilience, and resourcefulness, forging lifelong friendships and a deep connection with the great outdoors. Camp Wilderness becomes a rite of passage, where children transform into young adventurers, ready to face any challenge that comes their way. It is a place where they discover their true potential, nurture their love for nature, and embrace the spirit of exploration.

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At the end of each exhilarating camp session, participants are awarded a coveted badge as a symbol of their accomplishment and completion of the course. With each badge, campers can proudly showcase their dedication, perseverance, and newfound skills acquired during their time at Camp Wilderness. They share their accomplishments with others and cherish the memories made during their transformative camp experience.

So, if you know someone ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure, Camp Wilderness awaits.

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